I have never witnessed anything like this in my lifetime. COVID-19 is worse than the flu, 115 thousand Americans dead in 120 days. There is likely to be nearly 100 thousand more by fall. The numbers have continued to dwindle down here in Michigan but in other states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, they are exploding with cases. Arizona has over 29 thousand cases and over 28 thousand are active. In Michigan, it's over 17 but there are fewer and fewer new cases each day. It's scary yes. The scarier part has been the hysteria involved with it.

Everyone blames the media. There were some pretty radical stories designed to sow fear and some were way off. But for the most part, the media has been more honest than the World Health Organization or the Center for Disease Control. The shifting messages and outright lies cost both groups credibility with the public they may never get back.

Here are a few signs the hysteria is winding down.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

Now, I know it doesn't look like much but Meijer hasn't had these items for months! The disinfecting wipes and the GOOD fish sticks. Seriously, put these babies in your air fryer and you'll see why they weren't available for so long. I heard they had toilet paper too!

Wear a mask though. One fella who was road rage tailgating me for having the nerve to legally pass him was pretty upset when he stomped all the way up to the entrance then realized he forgot his mask.

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