This is the main reason I took off a full month of work. Very grateful Deb held down the fort while I learned how to be a dad on my baby honeymoon. Moments like this, made me so happy I was able to be there. You may have to log in to Facebook to see the video below.

For a few months we had nothing but screaming in the face. When that kid finally smiled, it was like winning the lottery. Now, she smiles at the sound of our voices. You should have saw the look on her face when she first met Deb. Like, "so that's who you are!"

Don't be the 1 millionth ass to make the I sing bad joke. Deb said she was singing the song all day after hearing it. Every time I sing it to her she smiles. Sometimes, she sings back.

Phoenix is just over 3 months old. This was a milestone I wanted to share. She may have Down Syndrome but our Phoenix will rise.

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