(The Six O'Clock Triple Shot is a daily feature of three songs that share a common theme, heard weeknights on 94.9 WMMQ)

It was a sad day for Van Halen fans 29 years ago. April 1, 1985, David Lee Roth announced his intentions to leave Van Halen as its frontman to further his solo career. Despite coming off of the band's most successful album 1984, and achieving their first number one single with "Jump",  Roth delivered the mighty blow to the fan base that had packed sold out arenas, and had purchased millions of VH albums. The decision opened the door for the "Van Hagar" era, and the band's first number one LP 5150. Meanwhile, Roth was looking to build on the momentum his 4-song Crazy From The Heat EP was building, thanks largely in part to his entertaining videos that were receiving massive airplay attention from MTV at the time. But, looking at the charts, and musical longevity, it's easy to see why Roth was all on board for two reunions with the band in 1996 and in 2007 when the original singer finally embarked on a tour with the Van Halen family. (Wolfgang Van Halen had replaced Michael Anthony by then.) In fact, there is talk of a follow up LP to 2010's A Different Kind Of Truth.

Tonight, we mark this day in music history with three of those solo jams brought to us by the All-American showman David Lee Roth. "We'll hear "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" from Crazy From The Heat, "Yankee Rose" from 1986's Eat 'Em and Smile, and "Just Like Paradise" from his 1988 release Skyscraper. It's tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!