(The Six O'Clock Triple Shot is a daily feature of three songs that share a common theme, heard weeknights on 94.9 WMMQ)

Van Halen has always been a band known for its inner struggles, and the resulting personnel changes. Original front man David Lee Roth bailed after the band's most successful LP and subsequent tour, 1984. DLR had also found minor success with his first solo EP Crazy From The Heat. Jealousy and turmoil were to follow, and not long afterwards, VH would recruit Sammy Hagar and surpass the milestones set with 1984 when 5150 was released. But, as we've heard time and time again, it wasn't meant to last in the egotistical world of the Van Halen brothers. In 1996, after four excellent albums, "creative differences" brought a parting of company. Initially, Michael Anthony stayed in the mix while working on other projects. VH had a brief, but failed, reunion with Roth, then recruited Extreme's Gary Cherone for Van Halen III in 1998. That LP failed miserably, and the band went into recluse. Until June 11, 2004...Van Hagar would bring their show back to stage for the world to see. But, that too, was a short lived venture. In November 2004, the inner turmoil once again split the band. But, this time Anthony was also exiled.

Tonight, we remember the better days of the Van Hagar era with three absolute rockers; "Best Of Both Worlds" from 5150, "Feelin'" from Balance, and back in time to OU812 with "Black & Blue"!! It's tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!