This week's "Wildlife Wednesday" photos feature some of the abundant residents that have been born on the properties of WMMQ! This gaggle of goslings appeared to be on a field trip with a couple of chaperones, headed for a midday swim.

We also host homes to our underground friends as well. It seems that we have a mixed littler of groundhogs that total 9, so far counted! I took a little sneak peak at a pair earlier today. WARNING!: They are just as mean as their larger parents. Approach with caution!

Here's a video I took of a mama woodchuck climbing a tree for some tasty foliage.

Just remember, as cute as all wild animals are, they can be dangerous. If you happen upon a deer fawn in the wild and it seems abandoned, it probably isn't. Does will have a close eye on their young and will see you before you even know they are there. If you must remove a fawn from an area for safety reasons, here are a couple of tips to help keep your scent off of them and help ensure that they will not be left behind.

1) If you must pick up a fawn, place your hands around the front rib area to lift them. This will allow you to pick it up safely.

2) Keep the fawn as far away from your body as possible. Do not cradle it like an infant. Keeping your scent off of the fawn is very important. Human scent will alert the mother that a predator is near and the fawn will probably be abandoned.

These tips come from my good friend and deer expert, Doug Roberts "The Deer Professor" of ConQuest Scents in Davison, MI. Doug raises trophy deer and has developed some great products for hunters. His new show Conquest 200, will premier on the Sportsman Channel later this year.