Changing seasons is part of the gig when you live in Michigan. Personally, I like season change. Michigan is a beautiful state no matter what time of year it is.

Spring tends to be wet and damp while Mother Nature washes away all of the yuck from winter to give vegetation a fresh start for growth. Summer is always fun with the lakes, beaches, camping, and all Michigan offers. Winter is cold, snowy and fun because of the skiing, snowmobiling and sledding. Fall is great because of the color change.

You can drive just about anywhere in Michigan in the fall and witness the color changing in the trees. With the arrival of pumpkin spice flavors in stores and coffee shops, you know it's now the unofficial start to fall. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Marquette. We thought the colors would have changed more than they had. There were more fall colors in Okemos than there were in Marquette. That can change quickly.

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One thing I have thought about doing for many years is going up north to a ski resort and riding their ski lift to get a bird's eye view of the trees from high atop the lift and slope. I like heights, so that's a win, and I love the color change in the fall.

Taking a day trip up north to hit some different ski resorts for some fun on the lifts and checking out the fall colors is feasible. You can head north and check out multiple locations in one day. Snap as many photos as you want!

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