What we once relished as one of the most fun times of the year has lapsed into the vault of fond memories and a complete dislike in my old age.

Let's be real, 51 is not old, but dealing with snow of any nominal amount has become a pain in my backside! The recent dumping that we have endured is just the beginning of another long, Michigan winter of unpredictability!

Sure, putting bread bags on your feet to keep them dry from ever leaking moon boots was fun in the 70's, but in the late 20 teens, it's an arduous task of firing up the snowblower and redigging the frozen piles left by the ocean liner sized plows that are operated by the county to keep the bus route that I live on, clean.

All of that said, I guess it could be worse. I could live in an environment that knows only hot and hotter. Humid and miserably uncomfortable. Rant over and looking forward to the expected melt of next week which gives me more time to enjoy it NOT SNOWING!

Not amused

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