A lot of animals showing up recently on wmmq.com and I am NOT talking about the listeners. :)

This one cracked me up today. Thanks to Bill for sharing this with me. Even the animals love Ozzy.

It's really fun to say cockatoo. Snowee has more videos on youtube and his own Facebook page. Have you ever heard of a bird that has a Facebook page? Click here to see that. If you are into following animals on Facebook... And who isn't?

OK, this isn't so bad but why do people feel the need to make online profiles for their pets? My uncle created one for his dog. I guess enough people weren't responding to his posts, so whenever the dog comments, it's usually something like "sounds ruff."

I hope one day to have that much time on my hands. Until then, I'll keep unfollowing those political post's and liking the animals post.




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