I wanted to take my wife and kid on a tree adventure. So, Sunday my wife, kid, and in-laws all went out and chopped one down and dragged it home. I seriously underestimated the size of my living room. We had to redesign our room around it.

It was a little full with a lot of sap but I really like it. So, I went outside and chopped a foot off the bottom. Then some off the top. Added some purple lights, white lights and purple ornaments.

It was short and fat, like me. Finally, I added the bubble lights my wife hates.

From the Pants Stash

Last night, we grabbed some pics of Nugget playing in front of it. She hasn't tested it yet but pulled one ornament off.

We went with a 3D star on top. You could watch that thing all day.

We also introduced her to the Elf Jack in the Box. She hated it as much as Buddy.