With the lifting of the "stay home" order and many of us prepared for a "return to normal" there are still some new things to get used to.

Like it or not our "normal" has changed and while many of us are sick of hearing about "the new normal" it is inevitable and it truly is a whole different world out there.

In mine and Joey's situation, our company was gracious enough to make it possible for us to work from home.

"Radio from HOME!? How is that possible?" you might ask. It's just a lot of technology, know-how and effort...and maybe a little talent just to toot our own horns here for a second.

Safe to say working from home was enjoyable, it really was but nothing beats coming "home" to the studio with a real board instead of just a laptop.

It's a challenge, it's a lot to get used to and I'm not going to lie, a bit of uneasiness.

Some things you will need to get you up and ready to go as many of us make our way back to our offices include:

Back To The Office

Coming up with this list was actually really therapeutic for me. I was so pumped up and ready to go this morning and when things got hard, thanks to some encouragement from my coworkers, we pushed through and figured it out.

I always tend to look on the bright side of things and I am so glad that something that made our world so dark like COVID-19 didn't change that for me.

Sure, these things are probably pretty simple but in the end it never hurts to have a gentle push or a little reminder that you've survived tougher things!

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