"Just a city boy. Born and raised in..."

You knew what city. You may have sang it out loud. Even though the location of south Detroit is spotty.

What great songs incorporate our fine city name into the lyrics? Really none that I could find. What defines a great song? One that sticks in your head?

I did find a bunch of songs that incorporate Lansing into the lyrics; I just don't think any of these are about to become our city anthem.

Maybe the biggest is a FILTHY song from Bazzi in 2018 called "3:15." There is some profanity and this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK but it mentions Lansing so... Enjoy this terrible poison pill.  (The Lansing reference is 47 seconds in)

You still here? How about some more Lansing gold?

Back in 1982, we used to party like it was 1999. So in 1999, the Magnetic Fields released another terrible song with Lansing incorporated into the lyrics. Hey! They compare us to Paris in this song. If your ears can take it.

How about one more you have never heard of and will NEVER want to hear again?

This is Tee Grizzley. You can almost make a drinkin' game out of this. Every time he says the N word, drink. He also says Lansing and references a specific Michigan State dorm. WARNING: This is terrible and NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Could someone please make a good song where Lansing is incorporated into the lyrics. This really sucks.

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