Can't we all just get along? Maybe it was the long, cold winter? Maybe Wolverine fans are rabid? Maybe alcohol was a factor?  Regardless, early Sunday morning, a U of M student who was also a Spartan fan, got punched several times. Allegedly, he was doing the "Go Green"chant. Here is the full story from

You don't know if it was just because he was chanting "Go Green" or maybe he rubbed somebody wrong at a party earlier. Maybe he was like Dr. John "in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

Now we can just duck and cover when Wolverines come up. They are now the "Ike Turners" of the Big 10. We should call all of our Wolverine friends "Slugger" for the next 10 years. "Take it easy, Slugger!"

Has a Michigan fan never been punched for saying "Go Blue"? Everyday. Ask Nick Chase. But enough about arrogant Wolverines. There are good and bad on both our sides.

When I was in high school a friend of mine took me down to the "Diag" in Ann Arbor.  We were stopped at a light and someone punched him through the passenger window. It was totally unprovoked. I learned then, stay the hell away from Ann Arbor. Then in 2000 the U of M Hospital helped save my life. One bad apple doesn't ruin the bunch but still I wouldn't wear my MSU stuff downtown Ann Arbor, ever.

Show some restraint, You don't win any fans by fighting them. We all know one rabid fan that needs their ass whipped, sometimes even on our side. Let time and life do the ass whooping. Plus, you don't want your team to make the news the wrong reason. There is such a thing as bad publicity. Lighten up, Francis!