This story makes me sick to my stomach. This video shows a 10 year-old boy jumping in front of a 54 year-old man from Detroit. Steve Utash was driving the vehicle and stopped to see how the boy was. When he stopped he was allegedly assaulted by an angry mob and was beaten into a coma. The boy suffered a broken leg and was released. The video and police have cleared the man of any wrongdoing. Here is the NBC News Story.

A dozen bystanders had a hand in the beating. It's doubtful all the offenders will be brought to justice. Mr. Ustash is currently fighting for his life.

What irritates me most is the cynical society we live in. If this guy drove away, he would have been better off than stopping to see if the boy was o.k. Can you imagine the horror of hitting a child with your car? Then having this mob to deal with as you attempt to help? This incident further desensitizes people from helping others. Like when someone sues the person who performed CPR to save them. Today's youth rarely speak up or say anything when they are confronted with an opportunity to do the right thing. They just bury their heads in their phones and act like they didn't see anything. This society seems to wrong people who are trying to do the right thing. But this wasn't about mob justice.

I hate to wonder. If it was a black guy who hit a white kid in the same spot. Would he be in a coma right now? It's hard to think race DID NOT play a part in this horrible representation of humankind. It's a cruel real life portrayal of "rushing to judgement" or shooting first and asking questions later."

The silver lining, almost 100 thousand dollars has been raised to help the self employed man pay for his medical bills. I am sure his children would prefer to have their dad back. Let's pray he makes a full recovery. The horrible excuses for human beings will have to answer for their actions. Violence and hate is not the answer. Love and family are.

Photo courtesy of NBC News and the Utash Family