Last Saturday evening was a scary one for some Michigan residents. Numerous trees and power lines down not only in Lansing but over towards Detroit there were reports of tornadoes. I was on air doing All Request Saturday Night as the weather bureau bulletins were coming in.

The actual storm in our area did not last long, but it was furious. In the WMMQ studio the rain was beating the windows so hard I could barely hear the people calling in for requests.

I have family in the White Lake area that experienced a tornado very close to their home. They have major trees down on main roads, and as of last night none of them had power back yet.

According to weather experts we have more storms heading our way this week, three storm systems are moving this way and the main concern is the third one.

Actually this afternoon through tonight brings a fairly high risk of severe thunderstorms to the western U.P. Severe storms are expected to move out of Minnesota into northern Wisconsin and the western U.P. There is even a two percent chance of a tornado over the western U.P. this evening and tonight.

The first two systems are expected to weaken as they approach lower Michigan. More storms are developing in the northern plains and by late Wednesday into Thursday there will be a stronger storm system moving in our direction with an expected arrival in Lower Michigan sometime on Thursday. This is the storm that shows the highest possibility of damaging winds like we experienced last weekend.

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Keep an eye on the weather this week, not a lot to worry about until Thursday in the way of severe weather for lower Michigan. It’s always good to know what’s coming.

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