Stanwood is a wonderfully sleepy village that lies in Mecosta Township in Mecosta County. It was originally called "Big Creek" when founded in the mid 1800’s.

The first store was opened by George Magill in 1863, and a post office began operations in 1865. It was around this time the town’s name was changed to Stanwood.

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Stanwood was another Michigan lumber town, and a station along the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad. It had the usual establishments: hotel, saloon, general store, blacksmith, etc. And, when the railroad left, so did Stanwood’s lumber industry.

But all was not lost…they survived, and these days, Stanwood is “home” to Ice Mountain bottled water. The water is sourced by groundwater wells here in Michigan: one in Evart, in Osceola County, and another in Mecosta County’s Sanctuary Spring. It is here in Stanwood where Ice Mountain is bottled.

Stanwood is a good place to add to your Michigan roadtrip…for the small town atmosphere, the great old 1800’s buildings that stand, and to visit the Ice Mountain plant!



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