A while back, I did a bit on the air about an Atheist dating site called Unfaithful. My tag line was "have faith you'll find someone who doesn't have any." I was just poking fun (ha) at the niche dating websites. Of course you have heard of Farmersonly.com and you could probably recite the jingle. Some of these don't have a jingle, thank GOD!

I never knew there was a pothead dating site. That is tame compared to the "Dead Meet" site. I didn't even want to click on it. It's a site for those who work in the realm of death. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at a few of these. Including "Truckers Passion," when you have had enough of Lot Lizards.

There is a Gluten Free dating site too. If you didn't laugh, maybe I am just broken. "Trek Passions" and "Witch Dating" also made the cut.

I am so grateful I met Mrs. Pants in 1995.

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