With schools being shut down, making the transition to online learning for grade school-aged students, parents are frustrated with the additional responsibilities.

It is not that they do not want their children to learn, it is just the job of educating children has fallen into the laps of parents who are not equipped for such an undertaking.

According to WLNS, the learning apps, assignments over email, video class meetups are becoming so much, some parents are too frustrated and exhausted to continue on.

Alexandra Nicholson who has a son in kindergarten said, "We tried to make it work the first week. We put together a schedule, and what we found is that forcing a child who is that young into a fake teaching situation is really, really hard."

There are many situations that can make this impromptu version of "home schooling" even more challenging such as homes with multiple children at different grade levels, low-income families, or those where parents have essential jobs and are working all day.

For example, as reported by WLNS, Meghan Perrone is a nurse and her husband is currently working from home with a phone-intensive job, leaving their eight-year-old daughter to supervise her two-year-old sister with no help with schoolwork until their work is done.

Parents with older children are struggling as well, culminating into a situation of confusion and even teachers like Susan Binder calling it "a very crude bandage we’re putting on a very big wound."

Many parents are ready to call it quits and disconnect for the rest of the school year.

For more on how parents across the board are dealing with this situation click here.

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