Hey, Sunoco, it's me. The lady who shows up around 5 AM to get my caffeine fix to get through the day. Sometimes, I wake up looking forward to stopping in and while it is not the most energetic interaction, it is absolutely one I appreciate.

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Open 24/7, Open Early

When you leave for work early in the morning, often you worry about gas stations being open. I've been lucky enough to have one right before I get on the highway to come to Lansing in the mornings, but on those days where I don't need to fill my gas tank, just my mental one before work, you're always there.

It is like a beacon of hope to see you're open right as I get off the highway to get to the office, pull in to the parking lot and go inside to get my reinforcements in the morning.

Your location is also just so perfect for anyone who needs to pull of the highway real quick to get gas or get back on afterwards.

Compliments on Your Snack/Energy Drink Selection

You have been so consistent with stocking all my favorite energy drinks, it's like you read my mind.

Look, we all can understand that energy drinks are not the best for us, but sometimes we just desperately need one and that's where you so graciously come in.

Let me be among the first to say, I've been really loving the fact you've got the new Mountain Dew Rise stocked (not an ad, just please keep it going, it's lowkey changed my mornings).

You also have a great selection of nutrition bars in the mornings and have introduced me to plenty of my favorites.

Your Staff Does A Great Job

It's always nice to become a "regular" somewhere but it's sometimes nice to have just a quick, simple, in-and-out interaction as early (or late) as some people probably come into your store.

Your staff behind the counter is always nice, fast but also just quiet enough they don't make me feel like a jerk for not being as talkative or peppy yet...they just help me purchase the juice that makes me talkative and peppy and I can't be anything but thankful for that!

All in all, thank you so much to all of you over at the Dunckel Rd. Sunoco for being so dang reliable and one of my favorite regular stops in the Lansing area! As someone who gets strangely, emotionally attached to places like a favorite gas station, it means a lot to have a constant like you in what is a hectic time of my day.

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