Before you get all in an uproar, thinking it's about the election......STOP!

I'm writing about the official opener to the  firearm deer season in Michigan! The holiest of days for men (and women) to head up to the great northern woods of Michigan and chase "da tirdy point buck!"

Well, at least that's what most claim. Truthfully, southern Michigan has more and better quality deer than our northern portion of the state. Mostly due to agriculture and better management practices. Either way, it's a time where some schools treat it as a holiday and time of bonding.

So let's not forget to sight in our rifles, get our gear around and most of all, buy your damn license! November 15th has been on the calendar for 365 days since last opening day and there's no excuse to be waiting at the bait shop on Monday the 14th, waiting in the cue for a license, ammo, new socks, camo and hunter's orange, because it came as surprise that the date for the opening day of firearm season is exactly the same day as it has been for almost, if not more than, my 50 years of existence!

Best of luck to all. Please be safe and show us your pictures with us at