As a kid growing up in North Lansing, we would walk up the street with our guns in cases and head for the railroad tracks that would lead us to the woods to hunt. Try that now and you'll have SWAT teams screaming down your street and you'll be arrested and charged with terrorism! Well maybe not terrorism, but you know what I mean.

September 15th is what I have always considered to be the unofficial, official start of fall. Sitting under a tree full of color and waiting to hear the chatter of a fox squirrel. Sitting still and watching for peculiar movements and then focusing on a perfect shot.

I am sure there are many who already disagree with this post for one reason or another and frankly, "I don't care!" Long before special youth deer seasons and other seasons that allow more people the opportunity to hunt during warmer weather times, it was all about small game. Don't get me wrong, these seasons are fantastic for getting people outdoors. And getting kids outdoors has been a closing statement for my radio show for over 20 years! All I am saying is it is a great way to teach a kid patience, safety and marksmanship. Not to mention, squirrel makes damn good table fare and makes you appreciate a good venison backstrap even more! "So get out into the Michigan woods and waters and take the kids hunting and fishing. They are the  future of our outdoors sports!"

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