I've never understood why a date that has been on the calendar since the beginning of recorded time, catches so many Michigan hunters by surprise!  Even being a guy I prepare. I have my license as soon as they go on sale. I always have extra shells laying around. That is of course that a newer and greater 12 gauge slug that can shoot around trees or has heat seeking capabilities doesn't go on sale. Then, I'm a buyer! For entertainment, I will be at the local big box huntin' and fishin' store watching the carts full of shells, blaze orange, camo and every other conceivable item that you couldn't find from last year, fill the carts of men and women alike. The sacred day of firearm deer season is upon us, and that is more sacred than most holidays.

So in the event we're not suffering the effects of Al Gore's "Global Warming" and Michigan is below 70 degrees, we want to see your success pictures. Post your pictures of your bucks for a chance at prizes and bragging rights here with the WMMQ VIRTUAL BUCK POLE! You'll have until November 30th to submit them. Voting begins on December 1st. Good Luck and "Know Your Target Before You Pull The Trigger!" Blaze Orange Lives Matter!