April 15, 1985, Classic Rock is Born! Fast foward 8 years, and a new weekend DJ hits the airwaves on 92.7 WMMQ with absolutely no experience. Our Morning Show was made up of John Vance and Jerry Mason. Midday's was "Wild Bill" Daniels and Bill Elliott was the Afternoon Drive. Nights was live with Adam Acey and he featured a show called "The DJ From Hell" that featured the a fore mentioned "new guy" before he actually got the job. The new guy was me and now I need your help.

Somewhere between the beginning and the day I started, a morning show consisting of Tim Siegrist and Ed _____________ was on. That's where I am drawing a blank. I can't remember Ed's last name. I sure as heck cannot read his handwriting either. SO if you can help a brother out, I would greatly appreciate it.

In the 30 years of this stations existence, I have heard DJ's come and go....and come back again! I am proud to say that I think we have the best group of on air people that this station has ever had grace it's airwaves (self excluded, of course). Debra Hart, Joey Pants, Nick Chase, Scotty Allman and Wally Londo are all what you hear on the air. They are in reality as they appear to be when you hear them. In whatever capacity that I am to be here on WMMQ, I am proud to call them all my radio family. It is truly an honor to laugh with and love such great friends.