There has been no easy way to say it, so I will just get to the point, "Thank You Lansing and beyond!"

I have decided to step down from the mid-day position to chase some personal dreams of my own. Not to say that radio has not or won't continue to be my dream job, but after 25 years, you have to make some difficult decisions.  The hardest was to end my time as your midday DJ and host of "Your Perfect Album Side."

I will however, remain on weekends for WMMQ and also be doing my syndicated outdoors radio show, Wild Michigan. My other goal will be to build my business of buying and selling vintage and antique items with MI Pick & Flip. Moving someday into estate sale services.

It goes without saying that I have been privileged to have become friends and work with, some of the best in Michigan radio. The closest being  those of WMMQ and Townsquare Lansing family. You don't have to agree to get along. But getting along is what we do best. My little brothers Joey Pants and Nick Chase have always had my back, whenever I've needed them. My personal psychologist Debra Hart, left a few months ago to pursue her own dreams as well. Proving that it can be done. So, without further hesitation, I am going to try it myself.

Hoping to grow our business of buying and selling antique and vintage items and turning it into estate sales and services. My love for local history and old stuff in general, has prompted the move from doing it on the side to a full time business. Never leaving the return to full time radio off of the table, of course.

I have enjoyed my time with you all immensely. You have given me so much over the years that I hope somehow that you know that every laugh, tear, smile and story, have been genuine and heartfelt. Thank you.

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