We were talking funny city names today and ran through these top 15. Then, I came across these. I like the first list better and will build off that.

Funny city names:

15) Climax, Michigan. It will get a laugh from an 8th grader anywhere.

14) Hell, Michigan. Everyone wants to get their picture taken in Hell.

13) Middelfart, Denmark. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.

12) Crotch Crescent, UK. Is their school mascot is a man in a trench coat?

11) Dildo, Newfoundland. One of the funnest words to say, ever. They have Dildo Days!

10) Penistone, UK. Again, it will make any immature male laugh.

9) Crapstone, UK. The hard P sound always gets a smile.

8) F----ng, Austria. Yup, Google it. It's a real place. Changed their name to Fugging.

7) Cheesequake, New Jersey. It's not in homage to Dairy Queen, it's Native American.

6) Looneyville, West Virginia. "You have to be CRAZY to live here!"

5) Boring, Oregon. Their town motto is: "An exciting place to call home."

4) Dismal, Tennessee. Disappointment Creek , Kentucky was close. Way to sell your strength!

3) Intercourse, Pennsylvania. You are always in a great mood when you leave!

2) Boogerville, Florida. Don't shake a single hand!

1) Hooker, Oklahoma. The reason they get the #1 spot is because their school mascot is a Horny Toad. Even I couldn't have made that up.

Special mention *Spread Eagle, Wisconsin... What does that mascot look like?

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