Not REALLY seeing a concert this year made me reflect on some that I would love to go back to.

It all started with Mötley Crüe for me. Back in 1985 they were coming to the Lansing Civic Center and I wanted to go so bad my mullet hurt.

My buddy Randy Kukla said he would take me if my parents allowed me to go. "HELL NO!" My mom said. You are 10 years old. I was pissed about that for years.

1988 the Monsters of Rock come to the Silverdome... Still too young. Aerosmith and Guns and Roses team up for the tour of the year... Too young.

Finally, in 1990 AC/DC released the Razor's Edge and I got to see my first concert. The Palace hosted to this day, the loudest show I have ever heard. AC/DC was great. People sang along until they passed out. You knew all the songs, it was really great.

A few years later in 1993, a buddy of mine and I drove to the Milan Dragway for Lollapalooza. This was the Woodstock of my life. We got there and it was the biggest thing I have ever seen. People in the crowd were launching fans 30 feet in the air with blankets. It was in July so it was hotter than hell. Here was the lineup:

Alice in Chains was amazing. 100 degrees and Layne Staley walks out in a business suit. So many years later, it wasn't so much the music as the atmosphere.

Tom Petty was the best artist I ever saw perform. His show was like church. Everyone knew the songs and sang along. But that day at the Milan Dragway was one of the most special of my life. It's one moment I would KILL to go back to.

What was the best concert you have ever seen?

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