A fun fact I found this morning about compact discs: The first CD to be made in the USA was Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen. This website says it's true. It's on the internet!

Sony gets the credit for launching the first CD format in Japan on October 1st 1982. Six months later the invasion of the compact disc began in the United States. The first CD I bought was a Motown Hits compilation because it was under 10 bucks. The first rock CD I bought was Kiss Animalize. The CD I have bought the most is Radiohead "Pablo Honey" although the Foo Fighters "Color and the Shape" is a close second.

I still am a CD shopper. Digital downloads have overtaken CD sales so the CD is on a path to 8 track heaven. I still love going to FBC in East Lansing. I am a fan of the tangible. Being able to hold the product in my hands, read the liner notes. I am an old school music geek. MP3 has overtaken it as my favorite format but where would we be without the CD? Dead at 33.

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