Just because you are doing the speed limit or below, doesn't entitle you to driving in the left lane. Our old driver's ed teacher, Mr. Pervert taught us "driving is privilege NOT A RIGHT!"

These idiot drivers make driving more dangerous than it should be by riding in the lane, then speeding up when you attempt to pass. This is why when you go up north in the summer, people drive 90 in the passing areas.

I have referred to them as "Time Terrorists." They are terrorizing your time. My buddy is a police officer who transports inmates and spends about 300 miles per day on these MIchigan roads in a MARKED POLICE VEHICLE.

He said this: "That maintaining the passing lane drive me nuts. I do prisoner transport now. Mostly driving all over the state picking up dudes with warrants and bringing them to jail. Even in a marked scout car, that guy with the earbuds in, driving his Camry, rides that lane hovering at the speed limit or below. I feel like a jerk when I pass them on the right in a marked car. But I got things to do ppl!!"

Hopefully, someone will get the message.

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