I met Tony when Green Dot Stables came in for Free Food Friday. I have a lot of friends with kids going to Michigan State and a 25 dollar gift card for these guys goes a long way. They have delicious sliders for 2 or 3 bucks. Beers for 2 to 5 bucks. I mean, if your college kid is into eating and drinking.

It's located on S. Clippert where Sparty's used to be... Or the Whiskey Barrel. I remember better nights at Sparty's... Anyway, click here for their Facebook page. 

They have all kinds of beer, wine, and hard stuff. Plus, great, affordable food for the college kids and the average family.

Tony Smith knows what it's like to have kids. His daughter named the horse in the Green Dot Stables, Emily. Emily has replaced Dick the Bull. You shouldn't try to ride her.

The floor is a work of art. It's like a mural of a horse race.


I have a thing where I go assault mannequins and the Green Dot Stables jockey can now file a claim against the Pants.


Check out Green Dot Stables website by clicking here. Listen for them on Free Food Friday's to score half off gift cards.

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