Dave Yarema was the first QB I remember seeing play for MSU.

Then Bobby McAllister who lead us to the Rose Bowl win but never REALLY got to throw. Then, Dan Enos. Tony Banks, Jim Miller, Todd Schultz, and Bill Burke. Jeff Smoker had so much talent. Drew Stanton shined despite John L. Smith. To the Brian's.. Hoyer and Lewerke... Good luck replacing Tom Brady guys.

When it comes to the Greatest Spartan Quarterback... it's either Kirk Cousins or Connor Cook. Most people in the Cousins camp will argue Captain Kirk helped build it with his speeches, attitude and example. He came to Michigan State without another Big 10 offer and went on to get the most wins in Spartan history... For a time. Kirk has had a much better pro career tilting the conversation in his favor. Ranker.com has Kirk Cousins as the BEST.

But to me, Connor Cook was the Greatest Quarterback in MSU history. His record validates that. He played with some better talent, yes. He wasn't the most loved guy to wear the Spartan uniform but when he took the field against Michigan his junior year, those Wolverines were beat before they even staked the field.

Connor got hurt his senior year and clearly never full recovered. 34-5 as a starter at MSU and a trip to the College Football Playoff... Where they were murdered but Michigan STILL HASN'T EVEN BEEN TO A BIG 10 Championship game in nearly 10 years. Connor Cook lead MSU to 2 of them. Won both of them and was the MVP in both.


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