There are cover bands and then there are tribute bands. Some are good and others are great. Then there are bands like "The Journey." A band out of Traverse City that are good enough to not only pull off the sound of the San Francisco stalwart, but if you squint just right, you may actually think that lead singer Jim Adkins is actually Steve Perry.

Not only will they be featured on the stage of the Portland St. Pat's Summerfest, tunes will be spun by DJ Dill Pickle and the sounds of El Kabong, an eight piece band that covers all eras will be there as well.

The annual fundraiser is a great family event that is embraced by the community of Portland and is fun for the whole family. There will be fun, games, bounce houses for the kids and lots of great food.

We look forward to seeing you there as WMMQ will broadcast today from 4 - 6 PM!

Jim and Charlie from The Journey, pose with WMMQ's Duran Martinez - Dude Ranch Media