The L.A. Rams were in a contract bind. A few years ago, they gave a huge contract extension to QB Jared Goff, who just took them to the Super Bowl. A 4 year 134 million dollar deal that essentially tied one hand behind their back. The Rams HAD to trade Goff. They had no financial wiggle room and have a roster that could make a deep run in the playoffs if they had a few more pieces on the offensive line. Now they can afford to do that. It cost them a heavy price. 2 first round draft picks and a 3rd rounder.

I saw one article that said the Rams fleeced the Lions. That article couldn't be more wrong. It was the Lions who fleeced the Rams. Just on picks alone. It doesn't really matter what Jared Goff does in Detroit, IF he even plays a down here. First round picks are valuable in the NFL. Hopefully the Lions will get 3 decent players from this and give Jared Goff a chance to prove the Rams wrong.

Back in 1993, the Lions traded a first rounder and a 4th round pick to the Saints for Pat Swilling. The 2 players the Saints drafted, Willie Roaf and Lorenzo Neal made multiple Pro Bowls. Swilling was out of Detroit after 2 years. That was a fleecing that sent the Lions organization back... Well, until now. Still haven't won a division title since Swilling left and they unretired Joe Schmidt's number for him! NOTHING was worth it.

Everyone in the NFL knew the Lions had to trade Matthew Stafford. Usually that will kill the value and teams take advantage of you... Especially if you are the Lions.

The Lions won this trade because they got back more than Stafford was worth. They have to pay Jared Goff a lot of money but the Lions are rebuilding and have some time. He may actually be better now that he is motivated to prove his old coach wrong.

New Lions General Manager Brad Holmes gets an A plus from me. 4 players for one who didn't want to be here.

I wish Stafford well and can't imagine all that he had to endure in his time as a Lion. I will be rooting for him a Rams uniform but with that offensive line... He'll be lucky to make it through one season.

Jared Goff has no where to go but up. Expectations are low. Expectations for the Rams are Super Bowl or bust. That is pressure Stafford NEVER felt in Detroit.

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