I have had the good fortune to make many friends because of the very cool job I have. Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be working from home right now?

One dude still going in and doing his job is Jeff Fronek. He manages the Quality Dairy on Jolly and Dunckel. Ever since I have been at the station, he has been a friend. We used to go to movies at Celebration Cinema all the time before I had the Nugget (my kid).

Jeff is a HUGE Toto fan. He has been backstage to meet them and his house features Toto goodies everywhere. I always joke he has a Toto tattoo on his ass. To To on each cheek.

Jeff is a huge Marvel and Star Trek fan. He is such a big William Shatner fan, he actually got me into the series Boston Legal. DENNY CRANE! Still, my favorite Captain in Jean Luc Picard. Who is your favorite Captain?

Last night, he sent me some pictures of his new mask he is pretty proud of. The Star Trek collection.

Jeff Trek

Of course you can get a WMMQ mask by clicking here.

I LOVE mine. It doesn't fog up my glasses. Plus, it covers up my entire mouth AND nose.

What is the coolest mask you have seen? Send your mask pics to joey@wmmq.com.

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