The MSU Healthcare Tailgate Show is BACK! For the home games you will find us in the Lloyd Bridges Traveland RV Studio outside Spartan Stadium. For the road games, you will find us LIVE at the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe on Lake Lansing Rd.

Last year with the Nassar cloud hanging over MSU, it took so much away from the normal thrill it used to be. Tailgate season, FOOTBALL! Every home game last year, the acting President came out and spoke to us... John Engler. It wasn't the type of show I wanted to be a part of. I am an X's and O's, know the player names and numbers guy.

It was unlike any season before, and I pray to God we never see anything like it again.

Now, Tim Staudt is the star of the show. He is a Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame Legend. Every year, when we play Indiana, he sings their fight song live on the air.

David "the Mad Dog" DeMarco tries to keep Tim in check.

Nick Chase and me do this show when there are no microphones around... I mean, we get intense and bleed Big 10 Football.

Come out for some great food, good times and tailgate treats!

It all starts next Friday 3:30pm as MSU hosts Tulsa.

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