I guess it's been about 10 years since I quit smoking cigarettes. Now, the only time I face temptation is when I walk by the coughing crew outside a bar. Once in a while, it still smells good. But when I think of my smoking friends I lost to cancer and the grizzly ends the faced... It very rarely even pops into my mind anymore.

The other morning, I went to walk into the WMMQ studio and I noticed a smoke on the ledge next to the door. So, I took a picture.


I didn't want the smoke to be lonely, so I brought him a friend.

Smoke 3

Before long, someone had stuck a post it note next to it that said "CLASSY!"

I forgot to snap a picture of the CLASSY note and went to get the pic today but EVERYTHING was gone!

Smoke 2

I feel so empty.
I put the Deb Hart plate there to remind me to be great... I'll try harder.

I am not here to point fingers but it was Nick Chase.

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