I was so pissed Sunday at the NFL. Not because of the Anthem issues but because they don't know what a catch is. I understand the Anthem protests, even though they are played out and not an original idea... I think they could use their imagination and be more creative. I get why they do it and it's NOT intended to disrespect Veterans... Our politicians have done that enough.

More than the concussion issue, more than the domestic violence issue. More than the NFL faking soldier family reunions... The NFL's biggest problem is: They don't know what a catch is.

They started using a phrase because of Calvin Johnson called "the process of the catch." That means, if you go to the ground, you have to come up with the football. Well, what if you can't get up due to dislocated knee, that becomes an issue. Like Sunday.

As a result of this injury Zach Miller almost had his leg amputated. Click here to see his progress since. He held on to the ball after one of the nastiest injuries I have ever seen and they took the TD away. WHY? Talk about insult to injury.

Earlier this year, the Lions Golden Tate was denied a game tying td because his knee was down, although he didn't yet have time to complete the process of the catch.

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