I LOVE seeing pictures of my friends on Facebook. For a while, people would have a picture of their pet. I would see them in public and they would say "we are Facebook friends." I always replied with, "is your profile picture a picture of your cat?" A lot of the time the answer was yes. You remember faces or BAD hair! I said back in March, by October we will all be looking like Jim from Taxi.

Some of my favorite people on Facebook shared a picture of their pandemic hair with me when I asked the other day. Click here to see the original solicit.

I look like an ass. MORE than usual. My hair is out of control. Today we set a new record for new coronavirus cases in Michigan with over 2,000. It will be a while before I go inside anywhere and get my haircut again.

I went so long without even looking at my hair, now when I go out in public I forget to check. I have found people don't mess with someone who looks a little rough. You get a little more space, people move out of your way because you look insane. It's not all bad.

I do feel bad when they hand me money but I'm a DJ... I'll take it.

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