I was really missing pizza. It was one of our daughter's favorite words. We call her the "Pizza Cheetah" and she roars.

I still am a bit gun shy to order one from takeout. I know we are getting closer but we had all the ingredients, so we made the Pants family pizza the other night!

The craziest thing, I got my wife to say I was right. I almost spit out the pizza. I told her, "you HAVE to cook the dough a bit before piling on the toppings."

Later, she looked up the Pillsbury recipe and I was right. The kid had fun helping us and it killed some time. We made some quarantine memories and some keepsake pictures of our first family pizza. It did kinda suck because we needed to cook the crust a bit longer but that is why they have delivery! Thanks to M43 Pizza in Webberville for saving us.

Family Pizza

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