Yesterday, I was driving through Webberville and I noticed my friend Janeane going in to open up the M-43 Pizza place. I shouted to her: "Please make me a personal pepperoni pizza and text me when it's ready."

After she texted it was ready and I went to pick it up, she said: "Only in Webberville can this happen."

Janeane has been a loyal listener for a long time. She had my Pants sign in her yard... Now, I have the M-43 sign in my yard.

Janeane and her husband Jim bought the place and opened it up. Their son Cameron is the General Manager. It's a true family operation.

I am telling you, the pizza is SOLID! It's made with quality ingredients and the cheese stretches but there is something about that sauce. I am not kidding, it is currently MY PIZZA CHAMPION!

Their pizza is so good, my daughter said the word pizza clear as day when we drove by the other day. Their breadsticks are awesome too, and I am sure they sell a bunch of other food items but I can't stop eating that pizza.

Their phone number : (517) 984-5143

Address: 106 w grand river  Webberville, Michigan 48892

From the Pants Sash. Janeane, Jim and Jamie Jackson. Alex Crawford in the back. Cameron Jackson. Emily Smallwood and Moon Pie Marley Mae. Missing from the Picture is Carli Ross.