Ever since I was a little kid, I have HATED the Washington Redskins. For some reason, it was ingrained in my DNA that I wanted the Cowboys to beat the Redskins. I like their cheerleaders but I even hated their names. Art Monk, Joe Theismann, Dexter Manley, Charles Mann. (Sounds like they are overcompensating for something?) Dave Butz, Joe Jacoby, Mark May, Russ Grimm... They were The Hogs. Even now, the Washington fans STILL wear "The Hog" masks to games. This is the ONLY logical name that would work for me. It embraces the tradition of D.C. football. Plus, gives us a joke at the politicians expense. The name will fit right in, in Washington. To me, it fits the description of some of the current/former politicians who work in the D.C.area from BOTH parties.

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If you are wondering why I am suggesting they change their name? It is inevitable. When a nickname offends an entire race of people, history has shown us, if you don't change it... Someone will change it for you. That is what could happen if Washington owner Dan Snyder doesn't change it on his own. Sportsgrid.com has a wealth of information on the Washington name controversy and you can read all about it here.

They offer a few good suggestions. Like keeping the name the Redskins but embracing the redskin potato as the mascot. PETA supports that and there are a lot of people who don't like PETA, so they don't support that option.

Sportsgrid.com also had a story saying it could be the U.S. Patent office that forces the name change.

Now, 50 U.S. Senators sent NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a letter asking him to force a name change. See the NFL response here.

So, whether or not you think the Redskins need a name change... It's going to happen. Might as well go with the Washington Hogs. I still haven't gotten over the beat down they put on the Lions in the 1991 NFC Championship game 41-10. Another name I hate, Wilber Marshall sacked Erik Kramer 3 times that day. That is what I get for initially taking pleasure in the pain of Joe Theismann when Lawrence Taylor broke his leg on Monday Night Football.

I had no idea he broke his leg on that play and his career was over. I have never cheered after an injury since. Watch out for karma, Mister Snyder.

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