The balls are out in Lansing... That means it's almost time for Silver Bells in the City and the ELECTRIC LIGHT PARADE. Mrs. Pants works downtown and she sent me this yesterday. The balls look a bit different this year. They have added snowflakes.


Things will look different at Silver Bells this year. There will be No FIREWORKS THIS YEAR AT SILVER BELLS?!??! I never got the connection with fireworks and Christmas anyway?

When we were in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, everyone stopped to get their pictures taken in front of the balls.


It's a sign the holidays are close and Silver Bells in the City is coming up tomorrow. Get ready to get run over by Christmas music. Not here though... Consider us your Christmas music alternative.

It always pisses Mrs. Pants off when she hears Christmas music before Thanksgiving. :)






Courtesy of Mrs. Pants

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