While going through some of my old 45's and getting them ready to sell, I found this inside an Elvis Presley EP for Jailhouse Rock. A simple plastic record from the now defunct Burger Chef fast food chain. 1 of 6 that were given with the purchase of the Burger Chef Fun Meal.

Whether it was the quality of the meal or because they had the best giveaways, I'll never know. But Burger Chef was my favorite place to go. The adventures of Burger Chef and his sidekick Jeff, kept me entertained for years.

The location I recall the most was in the Frandor area. Very close to where Wendy's sits now. Another location in St. Johns has been everything from a Chinese restaurant, to a lawn and tractor sales office. It's most recent incarnation is for Watt's taxidermy. (Wondering if that is my old buddy Brad Watts).

Like many fast food chains of its age, Burger Chef was sold to Hardee's and then closed it's doors for the last time in 1996. A 42 year run that served millions. They were actually the first to patent flame broiling. A widely recognized feature of Burger King burgers today..

At the very least, these great finds keep popping up. Keeping the memory of then favorite burger stop alive. This one will go right next to the glow in the dark flying disc (frisbee) that I found last year. And after 40 years, it glows like it was new!

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