This past Friday, Mrs. Pants and I got together with some friends to play poker. We were the first to arrive and sat down with our hosts to catch up. My friends have 2 children, one that goes to elementary school around Lansing. PJ is the kid. Pete is the dad. Pete goes on to tell me this story I shared with Deb this morning. Click the play button below to listen.

In case you can't access the player. Pete tells me a story about picking up PJ at school. As PJ was getting into the car, he was saying goodbye to his friends. "See ya, Bob. See ya, Jamie. See ya, Gay bar." "What?" his dad thought.

"PJ, what did you call that kid?"

PJ says "Gay bar."

"Are you sure it's not Jabbar?" Pete asked.

"No dad. It's Gay bar."

With all the strange names people have for their children nowadays, Pete shrugged it off as a sign of the times.

The next day he picked him up at school again. "See you tomorrow, Gay bar."

It began to really bug the parents. When the class picture arrived, you can guess who they were looking for first. Ole' Gay bar.

After not finding Gay bar, they noticed there were 2 boys named Gabriel. They used the boys last name initial to differentiate between the two. Gabe R.