I didn't live through the 60's and I don't understand the cultural significance of The Temptations... I just know the music is bad ass and made up a good chunk of the soundtrack of my life. I can't measure their influence but I agree with the findings of thrillist.com. They called the Temps the BEST BAND FROM THE STATE OF MICHIGAN in this article. Click here to see it. There are some curious choices and weak arguments made for them.

The Silver Bullet Band? Bob Seger is a Classic Rock icon but only hit #1 ONE TIME. Can you guess what it was? Shakedown. Even Grand Funk Railroad hit #1 twice. The Temptations hit #1 four times.

They nail Florida with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I think they are the GREATEST AMERICAN BAND and fight with people often about it.

But whoever picked the Washington state band had been smoking some cough syrup.

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