Over the weekend, I observed what has come to be known at home as "Big Bird, Little Bird." No very imaginative I know, but it seems to work. Having seen this odd pairing in the past, I grabbed my camera and put it out on Facebook to get some answers. What I found out was amazing. The cowbird/catbird (aka Big Bird) has been following this little house finch (Little Bird) around for weeks. Always wanting to be fed by the finch.

I'm no ornithologist, but it looked quite strange to me. What I did find out was that cowbirds, will lay their eggs in unsuspecting nests and even remove eggs from other birds, only to replace them with their own. Leaving their young to be raised by others. That explains the "odd couple" pairing in my yard. I would later try and explain to the finch that it was not the "baby-birdie" in question and didn't have to feed the little free-loader that had it's beak open. Apparently my bird call skills are limited and my advice was not heeded.