Racial tensions continue to increase across America. After June's shooting at a South Carolina church, the debate over the Confederate Flag and its meaning have been dominating both social media and traditional media, dividing the population, and showing that Americans have a long way to go in opening their narrow minds.

Well, long thought of as an institution of the South, NASCAR and most of its tracks, including Michigan International Speedway, are asking the delusional, oft-racist supporters of treason to leave your Stars and Bars out of their venues. In fact, according to mlive.com, MIS is following suit of Daytona International Speedway by offering a flag exchange program. Fans can bring in their symbols of rebel idiocy, or any other flag, and exchange it for an American Flag.




Personally, I'm hoping to collect as many used rebel flags as I can. This way myself, Joey Pants, and anybody else in our building has an alternative when the toilet paper runs out.