This morning, I got the call. Someone is close to finding the WMMQ Big 10 Party Stores Easter Keg. They were lurking in the area the night before. I was to go in. Let Deb do the show, and wait for someone to come find the keg. I didn't even make it to the truck.

We had the keg stashed inside a truck in the Two Men and Truck parking lot. It was undercover, right across the street from the radio station. There were people walking around in our parking lot, so I had to remain hidden until they dispersed. When, the coast was clear, so we thought, we headed across Pine Tree. There was Dale. Waiting since 5 am. He even Followed another truck around.

It took him a few takes but he finally got it right. He went to our friends at Dan Henry and said the phrase wrong there too. Congrats Dale! HAPPY EASTER!

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