Congratulations to Dale Abronowitz of Lansing!

Dale successfully located the WMMQ Big Ten Party Stores Easter Keg after pondering the clues we have been doling out via the WMMQ app, on-air and on-location at all four Big Ten Party Stores locations.

Abronowitz was tracking the clues with fierce intensity and started honing in on the hidden keg yesterday afternoon. He did read the rules, which indicated that the keg could only be claimed between 6-10 AM Monday through Friday of this week.

Yesterday afternoon around 5:00, Nick Chase reported that someone was lurking around the general vicinity of where the keg was hidden, which was nearby the radio station, inside a brown truck.

Abronowitz said that he arrived at the suspected hiding spot around 5:00 this morning. He said he even followed a random pickup truck down to the end of Pine Tree Road this morning, thinking he was chasing the holder of the key to the prize. Whoops.

Soon after, Joey Pants arrived on-scene and Abronowitz secured the keg and $500.00 from Big Ten Party Stores and WMMQ.

Pretty fancy check, huh? Made it myself.


WMMQ Big Ten Party Stores Easter Keg Hunt Winner Dale Abronowitz In Studio

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