Do you remember Yanet Garcia? She is a Mexican weather woman who continues to BLOW UP THE INTERNET. I have posted a few articles about her. Click here to see the first. Then click here to see the second.


Anyway, Yanet is pure eye candy and has taken even more off. I guess she is trying to break the internet... again. Click here to see her gift to the world as she models lingerie.

I believe she will user in the end of the weatherman. Or maybe user in an era of good looking weathermen, delivering the weather in a Speedo. Either way, she doesn't speak English and I can't look away. I didn't even notice her mouth was moving.

She is one hot dish! You can score some hot dessert dishes Wednesday at Pink Dessert Wars! You could even be a taster. Click here for all the details. Here is a list of those providing samples.

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