It was a busy night for mayhem in Lansing last night, with a murder on the south side and at least four armed robberies; you can't blame it on a full moon, as it's waning at the crescent stage right now.

Things were a bit unusual in Ohio last night, too. Police stopped a lady after it was reported she was driving erratically on I-70 near US 42. When the officer approached the car, the deputy observed the woman eating a bowl of cereal. During the stop, she made a run for it! WLNS TV 6 has the video here. The chase went for nearly 30 miles, reaching 100 miles an hour at times as they approached downtown Columbus. Authorities tried using 'stop sticks', but she kept going until her car started to break down on her. That's when she tried making a run for it on foot.

She cooled her heels overnight at the county jail and is facing, at the very least, driving on an suspended license.



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