There are way more than 10 but I don't have that kind of time and neither do you.

Lots of things to make you itchy here in Michigan this time of year. Some things you are well aware of but some things are just popping up. It's supposed to be a brutal mosquito season so, there is that to look forward to. Have you already been bitten?

Have you ever heard of #10 Swimmer's Itch? Click here for more information. That one was new to me. It has been happening up north, where it all goes down! Basically, you go swimming, a parasite nibbles on your skin and you come out looking like you had the chicken pox.

#9 Fire Ants. These miserable bastards got me a few years ago. The crazy thing about them, is they sting at the same time. Like they communicate when to do it. Simultaneous team coordination is very painful. It was nearly as bad as poison ivy. Little red fast moving ants that will latch on with their jaws and sting you with venom.

#8) Chiggers. We only have to worry about them for a few months up here but in Florida it's a year round concern. The bites can take about 3 weeks to heal.

Itchy Michigan

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